We fight for inclusion, open competition,
open networks & APIs,
low barriers of entry & more.
Tokens of all kinds are poised to improve the existing economic infrastructure worldwide, empower businesses and individuals to innovate and participate, and provide novel exchange opportunities across the globe and within local communities.
The open nature of crypto value networks is the decisive factor that produces innovation today and will continue to create tremendous value if preserved and promoted. Open-source and transparent networks, secured by open consensus protocols to which any interested party can contribute, are the most suitable architecture.
Open networks allow for innovation in radically pioneering fields, such as programmable coordination mechanisms, decentralized applications or storage, and privacy-preserving digital identities. Innovation in those fields must be encouraged by the authorities and not hindered by rushed regulation.
Enterprises and individuals building and operating those networks, assets and use cases must act responsibly and ethically to ensure a positive and sustainable long-term impact for the society.
Balanced regulation
Regulation of the digital assets space should be tailored to ensure a clear balance between, on the one hand, consumer and investor protection and, on the other hand, the highest possible degree of innovation.