In our respective countries, we have gathered the industry players to make sure that at national level the voice of the crypto companies is being heard. We bring years of experience in the blockchain space and are uniquely positioned to understand the complex technical component and the challenges it brings to the centrally designed regulation framework.
Marina Markezic
Marina Markezic is a board member of the Blockchain Think Thank Slovenia, facilitating the discussion between the regulators and the blockchain industry.

Marina has been a leading adviser in a blockchain accelerator and has advised blockchain projects since 2017. She contributes to initiatives like the Token Engineering Community, COALA and Dgov.
Simon Polrot
Simon Polrot has co-founded and led the French crypto-assets association ADAN as President for its first two years. Lawyer, entrepreneur (VariabL, LGO), nonprofits contributor (Ethereum France, Chaintech, etc.).

He has 5 years of expertise in crypto and founded the Ethereum France website in Feb 2016. With ADAN, he is making the crypto-assets industry a reality in France & Europe.
Florian Glatz
Florian Glatz has co-founded and led the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) as President for its first four years. He advises political decision-makers at the German and European level on blockchain regulation.

Trained as a lawyer and software developer with many years of experience working full-time in the blockchain space, Florian is aware of the key issues at the intersection of crypto assets and regulation.