The European
Crypto Initiative

Propelling Europe
towards the
future of finance
The EU Crypto Initiative aims to shape EU regulation to favour open, permissionless, decentralised applications leveraging blockchain technology.
We are a group of experts in blockchain technology and more specifically decentralised use-cases, that have come together to constructively contribute to the development of EU policy that ensures a well-informed, appropriate and positive approach to the regulatory treatment of decentralized use cases, open blockchains and permissionless innovation.
Whilst a few industry bodies in Europe are focused on or following blockchain policy developments, the EUCI is the only forum where dedicated attention is provided to decentralized use cases and open blockchain.
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Our mission
Propose amendments to regulatory proposals which support our vision and support European crypto industry actors.
Engage MEPs, the European Commission and the European Council (member states) to share and defend our positions.
Work with other initiatives and industry bodies to amplify shared positions and gain support from lawmakers and the broader private sector.